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Patricia LimPatricia Lim 

Save new records for two objects in a single VF page

I am in the process of developing an apex:form that will save two records: Recipient__c and Scholarship_Award__c. 

I need to create a custom controller to save new records for both objects on the same VF page. 
The trouble is the Recipient__c record will need to be saved first following the insertion of Scholarship_Award__c because it references Recipient__c as the parent in a master-detail relationship. 

Ideally, the end-user will input the fields of recipient__c, and scholarship_award__c and two records will be saved: a new recipient, and a new scholarship with that recipient as the parent. 

How can I go about developing this?
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Santosh Kumar 348Santosh Kumar 348
Hi Patrica,

There are multiple ways but the simplest one is inserting one after the other. For example you want to insert Account and Contact:
Account acc=new Account(Name='Blog Acc1');
insert acc;
Contact cont=new Contact(FirstName='Bob', LastName='Buzzard', AccountId=acc.id);
insert cont;

You can refer: http://bobbuzzard.blogspot.in/2012/03/create-parent-and-child-records-in-one.html

And if you want to insert it with single DML operation then follow below link:


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Santosh Kumar