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Yamini Bathula 15Yamini Bathula 15 

ANT Deployment in Salesforce Using Jenkins - Deploy only commited Files

We are using Jenkins CI tool for Deployment to Salesforce. Jenkins uses ANT Deployment. I would like to understand is it necessary to deploy  all the components (BitBucket repo) in the master branch or is it enought to deploy only the changed components. Also would like to understand how to achieve deploying only changed components.

Thanks for your help in advance
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Yamini,

You can deploy only changed components,  however, there would list of all components existing in your bitbucket repository and this build will run and deploy the components to next environments.

Eg. If you have made any manual changes in next environment they would be overridden with bitbucket metadata code whenever you run ant deployment and deploy using jenkins.

Review below links which can help you.


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Vinay Kumar