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Varun Aggarwal 34Varun Aggarwal 34 

How to add dynamic user email address in "Additional Email" section of Email Alert.

How to add dynamic Email in Additional Emails Section of Email Alerts.
I am using the Email ALert in FLOW. 
AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 

I think we cannot add dynamic email in the "Additional Emails" section but we can create a custom field and add that field in Email Alert.

Refer the below link--

Hope this will resolve your query, let me know if it does or needs more help.

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Varun Aggarwal 34Varun Aggarwal 34
No, its not solving the purpose. Lets have an another  scenario:-----
Say I am adding all the Email fields in Receipient field only of Email Alert.. so whenever email is received then these email address will be there in TO address of Email.
What I want is that, Is there any way with which we can control the sequence of Email Addresses in TO address. For eg. In TO address there are three addresses i.e. User1. USer2, User3. So is that possible like we got a mail with the sequence of - User3, User2, User1 in TO address.?

I hope you understand my question. @abhishek