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Aryan JhaAryan Jha 

How can we get channel id by passing parametre channel name by using integration Rest

public class YoutubeApi {
    public static String youtubechannelid(String channelname)
        Http http =new Http();
        HttpRequest res=new HttpRequest();
        HttpResponse resp=http.send(res);
            system.debug( result);
            return result;

AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Aryan - I recommend JSON Parsing

Here is how the JSON response from a call to youtube looks like so we need to extract the channelId by parsing the response.  I suggest looking at the example gives in the documentation to extract parameters from JSON
  "kind": "youtube#searchListResponse",
  "etag": "\"xwzn9fn_LczrfK9QS3iZcGzqRGs/2ptDzqXXFWnBe5A1b1ypvIdH8NM\"",
  "nextPageToken": "CAUQAA",
  "regionCode": "US",
  "pageInfo": {
    "totalResults": 1000000,
    "resultsPerPage": 5
  "items": [
      "kind": "youtube#searchResult",
      "etag": "\"xwzn9fn_LczrfK9QS3iZcGzqRGs/XAQjwNlxoLq_epHnE2XFJB2G2sk\"",
      "id": {
        "kind": "youtube#video",
        "videoId": "AHX6tHdQGiQ"
      "snippet": {
        "publishedAt": "2018-03-15T15:27:07.000Z",
        "channelId": "UCbxQcz9k0NRRuy0ukgQTDQQ",
        "title": "Ink Cartridges Are A Scam",
        "description": "Printer companies are ripping us off, and it's high time we did something about it. Join me in starting the revolution.",
        "thumbnails": {
          "default": {
            "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/AHX6tHdQGiQ/default.jpg",
            "width": 120,
            "height": 90
          "medium": {
            "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/AHX6tHdQGiQ/mqdefault.jpg",
            "width": 320,
            "height": 180
          "high": {

 Let me know if this helps

Aryan JhaAryan Jha
There is any problem in this program is there may mistake