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Janet KulykJanet Kulyk 

I understand how to make a Date formula field which will add Months referencing the close date field in opportunities, but want to be able to change the date manually in the future. How do I accomplish this?

Santosh Kumar 348Santosh Kumar 348
Hi Janet,

What you are trying to achieve is not at all possible through Formula Field as Formula field is a read only field and it will never allow you to edit the field. But yes you can have a normal date field and can place an automation depending on your exisiting logic either using Workflow, Process Builder or Trigger to update this field.

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Santosh Kumar
Abhishek Sharma 36Abhishek Sharma 36
The formula field will be automatically be changed once the referenced field(e.g. closed date) used inside is changed. Or secondly if you want to mannually set the date in the formula field then do not create formula field, create a normal date field. Fire a process builder/workflow that will change the field based on close date. Then after that you can change this field manually too.
Janet KulykJanet Kulyk
Thank you-that was helpful. Enjoy your week! Janet
Janet KulykJanet Kulyk
Thank you. Janet