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Dhilip DussaDhilip Dussa 

Help me on Lightning JavaScript


I have one logic in that logic i'm returning values i'm return values are

        "a4C6C0000005rsWUAQ":"Account Test 1",
        "a4C6C0000005y14UAA":"Account Test 2",
        "a4C6C0000005s0rUAA":"Account Test 3"

"hidden":{"a4D6C000000GycrUAC":"Account Test 4"}


I need to separate this lightning javascript 

I need to set "available" will be one attribute and
hidden will be in another attribute.

please help me

chaitanya motupalli 13chaitanya motupalli 13
placing the entire code may help others to understand.

we have JSON in javascript. it may help. try to see the below link