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Translate a Marketing cloud email template

Anyone know if there is a way to translate a Marketing cloud email template? Or should I create a separate template for each language and then create separate audiences and sends for each of them?
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Toby,

There is a limitation in salesforce for Email Templates in Multiple Languages.

Kindly review below idea link and vote for this feature.


You can reach out to Success - Salesforce Marketing Cloud page on


Hope this helps...

AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
Using multiple languages in email template is possible using the Visual force email templates.

Visualforce email templates translation is based on, for example, the recipient user's language or the language specified for an account. To translate Visual force email templates based on recipients' or related objects' languages, use the

<messaging:emailTemplate> tag's language attribute (valid values: Salesforce.com supported language keys, for example, “en-US”). The language attribute accepts merge fields from the email template's recipientType and relatedToType attributes. You create custom language fields for use in the merge fields. The translation workbench is needed to translate email templates.

This example uses a merge field to obtain a language attribute for the contact receiving the email:
<messagingmessaging:emailTemplate subject="Welcome!" recipientType="Contact"
relatedToType="Account" language="{!recipient.language__c}">

Please find below the documentation for the VF email templates

>> Creating a Visual force Email Template:

Unfortunately, at present no other functionality inside Salesforce can be used to achieve this.

There are existing ideas in Idea Exchange for this functionality within Salesforce. You can also promote this Idea so that It can be merged in future releases.

>>Email Templates in Multiple Languages:

>>Include Google Translate feature for emails

>>Automatic text translation link
toby curtis 6toby curtis 6
Thanks to both of you.
Jack DonaldsJack Donalds
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