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Phuc Nguyen 18Phuc Nguyen 18 

Filtered Lookup component

I have a couple questions regarding filtered lookups and LWC. I have a lightning component wrapped in a LWC. On a create page I have a couple filtered lookup fields that are filtered based on values selected on the lightning component create page. I read that filtered lookups are not supported in lightning components and you need a custom lookup component.

So My first question is can I use something like this to resolve my issue: https://sfcure.com/2019/07/06/showing-a-lookup-field-which-respects-with-lookup-filters/

Second. Do I need a separate custom lookup component for each filtered lookup field?
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Yes, you may use https://sfcure.com/2019/07/06/showing-a-lookup-field-which-respects-with-lookup-filters/.

You don't need separate component for each field. Rather you may use the same component and pass different parameters(object name, filter conditions etc.) as you need.
Phuc Nguyen 18Phuc Nguyen 18

Thank you for the reply Ritu.  To confirm.  Ther eare 2 lookup values on the create apge that are used in another lookup filter.  I need to pass the values from the 2 lookups to the new lookup component?  I am assuming I will do this through an event?
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