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Jorge Diaz 28Jorge Diaz 28 

How do i get myself into a Sandbox without refreshing?

Hey Admins! How do i add myself to a sandbox?
New Admin here. i cannot refresh a Sandbox and old Admin is gone, any way to get myself into Sandbox without refreshing?
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Jorge,

> You can try resetting your password and you should be able to set new password.

> If you're a Sys Admin you get to your Sandbox via your production login by going to Setup | Administration Setup | Data Management | Sandbox

Then you should see your sandbox(es) and you can click "Login" next to the name of the sandbox. 

> Log a case with salesforce support they can validate and help you further.

> If you do not have existing your login user in sandbox then there is no way you can use sandbox.  However, you can reach out to your team who has login access and create a new user for you.

Hope this helps...

If there is no other admin in sandbox and you don't want to refresh it, only way is to log a case with SF and they would be able to assist you.