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Vinay Temburnikar 7Vinay Temburnikar 7 

Why do I get different code coverage results during change set validation vs developer console testing?


I made changes to a query in an apex class. From:

where A=x and B=true; To: where (A=x OR C=y) AND B=true

I thought this was simple enought to not warrant writing new apex test code, I had made the same change in a total of 5 instances in the apex class. And I was right, it showed 82% code coverage in the full sandbox after making these edits.

However, when I sent this change set containing only the single apex class to production, I'm getting a code coverage of 21% there. I text compared the test class in prod and the full sandbox, they are an exact match. 

I wonder what the problem is and why I'm getting this discrepency in code coverage. Any help would be much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance! 


Hi Vinay,

Are you creating all the test data needed for this class to run in any environment?

In most cases, if a test class has a better coverage in one instance than the other, it is mostly due to
- a related configuration missing (ex: an automation like process builder or a missing record type)
- mis-matching configs in the instances (ex: prod having more validation rules)
- ALL test data not created in test class