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Ameer FerojrajaAmeer Ferojraja 

Formula field to calculate amount


I need to create a formula field(Forecast Amount) and display total amount based on below criteria.

If Opportunity type = New
show sum of = Field 1 and Field 2 

If Oppotunity Type = Renewal
Show = field 3

I need both the conditions in same formula
veer soniveer soni
Hi Ameer,
try this following code And Field 1, Field 2, Field 3 Must be number Or Currency Type Fields
IF(ISPICKVAL(Type , 'New'), Field_1__c + Field_2__c, 
 IF(ISPICKVAL(Type , 'Renewal'), Field_3__c, 0))
let me know if it's works to do as solved so that it's helps others.
Thank You
madhav sharma 1madhav sharma 1
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huff sandohuff sando
Thanks. It resolved the issue. I hope it will work well for other sites as well. like I have wordpress site. on my site teer result today game (http://teerresultinfo.com/)results updated daily mon-sat. 
Malika Pathak 9Malika Pathak 9
Hi Ameer,
Try this:
IF(ISPICKVAL(Type , 'New'), Field_1__c + Field_2__c,IF(ISPICKVAL(Type , 'Renewal'), Field_3__c, 0))
let me know if it works, marked as the best answer to helps others.
Thank You