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LWC get record type Id - Dynamically

I have a scenario where i have LWC component A and in its html it uses LWC component b (In this LWC component i have built the picklist dependency + record type). So that in component A in HTML i pass like this.


In component A in JS , i am passing the record Id and trying to get the recordTypeId(using this.case.data.fields.recordTypeId.value).

However after getting the recordtypeId and when i am trying to pass it to the variable 'recordtypevariableinComponentB' and refer it in getPicklistValues method it is not showing the picklist values.

This is somewhat similar issue like this -

LWC RecordType Issue (https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/273168/get-picklist-values-on-record-typenot-a-default-without-hard-coding-of-record)

Where i did not find any solution. Can someone please help.