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Guntin Guntin L GarciaGuntin Guntin L Garcia 

Deploy flow from winter 21: ​​​​​​​ Property 'filterLogic' not valid in version 49.0


I've created a flow in a Sandbox with Winter'21. I could not deploy it to production. I got the following error:
 Property 'filterLogic' not valid in version 49.0
SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Guntin,
Can you change the API version of the flow to 50.0 in the metadata file of flow and try to deploy the same? This should  fix the issue for you.

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Confronted the same error while deploying process builder. Retrieved again with API version 50.0 & deployed successfully. 'FilterLogic' tags weren't present this time. 
Guntin Guntin L GarciaGuntin Guntin L Garcia
Hi... my error was that I tried to deploy it through source instead of mdapi. So, if you retrieve and deploy the flow through mdapi everything works. It makes sense... 
Rakesh ChattyRakesh Chatty


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Open Sfdx-Project.json file and update sourceApiVersion to latest as shown above.