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Debaranjan GhoshDebaranjan Ghosh 

<aura:if with <tr>

Hello Guys 

Need one small Clarification on usage of Aura if Syntax :
Can we use <tr> inside aura if ?
I got a big error from Dev Console after doing that though the Aura Component was saved successfully without giving error.
Following is the code structure 

<aura:attribute name="invoiceRecordDetail" type="Invoice__c" />
<aura:attribute name="InvoiceTypeMed" type="string" default="Medical" />


<aura:if isTrue="{!v.invoiceRecordDetail.Invoice_Type__c==InvoiceTypeMed}">

veer soniveer soni
Hi Debaranjan,
replace your aura:if with this
 <aura:if isTrue="{!(v.invoiceRecordDetail.Invoice_Type__c== v.InvoiceTypeMed)}">
let me know if it's helps you and Close your query marking as solved.
Thank you