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Laura GilLaura Gil 

Unable to display more than 4 fields/columns in a Related List - Single component

Hi all,

I am unfortunately unable to make a fifth column visible in a Related List - Single component on a Lightning Record Page. This is about showing Cases from a Parent Account.
I tried changing the type of the related list as 'Enhanced list', but this doesn't change anything. I still see only 4 fields and their values in the component.
Does anybody know, if it is possible to show more than 4 fields/columns in a Related List - Single component?
Laura GilLaura Gil
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Pete Watson 5Pete Watson 5
Hi Laura, 

Using enhanced lists I beleive you can have up to 10 columns displayed, added via page layout (if you didnt make any updates here then switching to enhanced list would still only show the 4 you currently have selected) but you are indeed limited to 4 with tile view.

So try adding the additional column in on page layout related lists first, then switch to enhance list and the additional column should be visible.

Take care,
Laura GilLaura Gil
Hi Pete, thanks for responding. I tried adding the fifth column in the Cases related list in the Account page layout and using the Enhanced list as Type for the component, it seems to be Salesforce limits this component to show only 4 fields.