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Ajinkya Kulkarni 14Ajinkya Kulkarni 14 

lightning experiance superbadge

When I try to update Product date range is 1/1/2026-12/31/2026
in Opp Stage by Adventure report in Sales App I'm getting below error :
What might be the reason behind this ? Trying different things and lost 2 days in it, Please help me out of this. Thanks in advance !
User-added image
We couldn't complete your request. Ask your Salesforce admin for help.
Error Details
The operation you requested isn't allowed due to a security policy in your organization. Contact your administrator for more information about security policies.
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 

You can reach out to Trailhead team who can help you with these issues using the below link.


Ajinkya Kulkarni 14Ajinkya Kulkarni 14
Thanks Vinay, I'll check with trailhead team for this issue,