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Smita HodiggeriSmita Hodiggeri 

Data import not allowing to import multiple look relationship records related to the same object(Object B) to a single record(Object A). How can this data import be achieved?

This is a really intersting data import problem I am stuck with.
Basically I have an object A which needs data uploading and this object has 3 LOOKUP relationships to the same object B with different names. So in essenece they appear as different fields on the Object A page layout and we expect people to browse and populate values into those 3 differently named lookup B object lookup fields(But They Belong to the same object). When I try to insert the data into these 3 lookup fileds for object A, data loader throws me error saying "Map only one csv field to Salesforce.com Id "
How can I automtically data import data into Object A's 3 lookup fields  in this kind of scenario as it not allowing me to import data with unique object b record id's.
Any thoughts are much appreciated.
AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 


I have also had similar suggestions as mentioned in the above discussion.

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