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azhar khasimazhar khasim 

Need to update four checkbox fields in opportunity using Aura Component?

hello everyone,

My requirement is to update four checkbox fields from the opportunity using Aura Component.

If Checkbox 1 is true show checkbox 1 as true in component,
and if we want to edit the field then click on the edit button and update checkbox 1 to false.

if the Text1 field has some value then show Text1 field value as that value
and if we want to edit then update that field with a new value.

Checkbox_1__c     checkbox type
Checkbox_2__c     checkbox type
Checkbox_3__c     checkbox type
Checkbox_4__c     checkbox type
Text_1__c               Text type

Please help me to complete this requirement.

Thanks and Regards,
Azar Khasim.