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Mohammed FarooqiMohammed Farooqi 

How to Assign case owner from admin user to a queue

I am working on a method to manually escalate a case from a user to a queue. And this has to happen on a button click on the case record page. So I started by creating a global action and using pre defined fields for this. I set the status to escalated and I am trying to set the case owner to a queue that I created. But it does not show the picklist like it did for the status and shows a formula field. Not sure what to enter in there to find the queue. Any help would be much appreciated !
Andrew GAndrew G
in the formula field , place the Id for the Queue.  Something like '00G1s0000018rpF'

Queues will be prefixed by '00G'.  To get the id, go to Setup > Queues .  Open the queue required and check the URL.  Copy and paste the Id.

Mohammed FarooqiMohammed Farooqi
I tried pasting just the ID but that didn't work. I also tried queue id ='00G2F000005XjlX'. But that didn't work either. What would be the correct syntax ? Thanks in advance :)