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Raphael BendenounRaphael Bendenoun 

Formating HTML through the Salesforce API

We are using the Salesforce Api to order to create new contacts on Salesforce and one of the field is a rich-text and is able to receive HTML We are trying to format this field as a list as in the following example:
"country": "Algeria",
"description": "<<ul><li>Description: Broker</li><li>Additional Notes: Hi how are you</li><li>Property Name: none</li><li>Property Address: none</li><li>City: None</li><li>Current Use: Land</li><li>Interested In: Renting the property</li><li>Asking Price: 500</li><li>Currency: AWG</li></ul>",
"email": "jojojo@gmail.com",
"firstName": "Johnnny",
"lastName": "Doee",
"web_to_lead": true
The contact is well sent to salesforce but the description instead of being displayed that way:
  • Description: Broker
  • Additional Notes: Hi how are you
  • Property Name: none
  • Property Address: none
  • City: None
  • Current Use: Land
  • Interested In: Renting the property
  • Asking Price: 500
  • Currency: AWG
it is display as a string in the following way: Descrption: Broker - Additional Notes: hi how are you - Property Name: none - .........

Any idea how could I keep the desired HTML format?