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Rafi Hoq 4Rafi Hoq 4 

How do I write to just the contact's MailingPostalCode field via rest API?

I'm sending the request from Twilio, and all of the other fields work other than MailingPostalCode. Any ideas?

       let contact= {
                           FirstName: event.FirstName,
                            LastName: event.LastName,
                            MailingPostalCode: event.ZipCode,
                            npe01__HomeEmail__c: event.Email,
                            npe01__Preferred_Email__c: 'Personal',
Rafi Hoq 4Rafi Hoq 4
I also noticed that i'm able to write to the OtherPostalCode field, but not MailingPostalCode. Manually, Im also not able to put in just the zip code for the primary address. There seems to be some kind of required field in the address field as a validation?