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Laura GilLaura Gil 

How to create a condition when a change from a specific queue to a user occurs?

Hi all,
we have the situation that cases are created and given to a queue first. When cases are created they have first the status 'New'.
We have more than a queue but we would like to make this happen:

If the status is New and the case owner is the queue Customer Support, if the owner changes from this queue to an individual user,the status of the case should change to 'Assigned'.

I have trying long hours to let this run but I am getting the process builder as failed.

For the condition I have been using this formula:
ISCHANGED([Case].OwnerId ),
PRIORVALUE([Case].Owner:Queue.DeveloperName) = "Customer_Support",
LEFT([Case].OwnerId,3)= "005"
Unfortunately I am getting the error:
Error Occurred During Flow "test": In the formula: AND( ISCHANGED({!myVariable_current.OwnerId} ), PRIORVA...
Error element myDecision (FlowDecision).
In the formula: AND(
ISCHANGED({​​​!myVariable_current.OwnerId}​​​ ),
PRIORVALUE({​​​!myVariable_current.Owner:Queue.DeveloperName}​​​) = "Customer_Support",
LEFT({​​​!myVariable_current.OwnerId}​​​,3)= "005"
 ), the relationship reference accessing field: DeveloperName is unsupported in ISCHANGED and PRIORVALUE

I see there are some limitations using process builder for solving this requeriment.
Is there anyone here who knows how it would be with a trigger?.
Vishwajeet kumarVishwajeet kumar
Not sure if you have tried Flow OR Workflow Rule and Field update, it worked for me in one user/queue owner context.
Flows are faster than process builder too.

Laura GilLaura Gil
Hi Vish, unfortunately I don't master flows.
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