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how to write the trigger

how to write the trigger 

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Looks like your question is chopped, but there are examples of this for other ojbects that should point you in the right direction.

example (https://trailblazers.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000gkOnAAI)


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All About Thai Massage – A Complete Guide

Thai massage, also known as Thai yoga massage, or informally as "lazy person's yoga," combines assisted yoga with acupressure techniques. The therapist will incorporate yogic stretching movements as you knead and press the muscles along the body's energy lines with the hands and feet. Thai massage combines the principles of acupressure by which Sen is stimulated, which is said to balance the body's energy system.
Passive stretching can also help open up the body, which can help increase flexibility and relieve tension within the joints and muscles. A Thai massage treatment generally begins at the feet with the client lying on their stomach and is more energetic and rigorous than their usual massage. The therapist also often uses the hands and feet to apply pressure, and the treatment is usually done through clothing, although oils and lotions can sometimes be used if requested.

What are the benefits of Thai massage?
There are many benefits of having a Thai massage Marrakech gueliz (https://thailondontherapymarrakesh.com/" style="color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline) treatment, since through various techniques and applied pressures the muscles are manipulated, releasing tension and endorphins to help us feel good. The theory of these benefits also lies in the influence of Chinese medicine and acupressure philosophy, which believe that we all have meridian lines within our bodies, and along these meridian lines are acupressure points. By stimulating the acupressure points, this will allow for a healthier flow of energy. The energy is known as Qi or Chi.
The main benefits of Thai massage are:
  • Increased flexibility and muscle range of motion through assisted stretching
  • Blood flow is increased and circulation is helped.
  • Release of physical tension to relieve aches and pains
  • Releasing the emotional tension contained in the body, fighting stress and providing a feeling of relaxation.
In addition to these benefits, like all massages, nerve and skin cell stimulation can improve skin quality and muscle function, and contribute to an overall sense of well-being. For more info, you can check out best Thai Massage website of https://thailondontherapymarrakesh.com/ (https://thailondontherapymarrakesh.com/" style="color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline)
Thai massage marrakech!
After the huge success of Thai London Therapy branches in the UK and in Switzerland, through which we have proven our ability to satisfy our clients'
needs and have earned an undefeated reputation in the world of Thai massages in both countries, we are happy to announce the opening of our new branch in the beautiful city of "Marrakech" in the hope of sharing our knowledge with you: Not only to offer you the opportunity to live the tremendous benefits of Thai massage Marrakech (https://thailondontherapymarrakesh.com/" style="color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline) on your health but also to watch your body change with time. Grant us the opportunity to better your wellbeing thanks to one of the oldest methods to improve one's health, and one of the most effective methods as well. For that, you must wonder:


Whether you are an athlete, you've got an average physical activity level, or you exercise only rarely. We're certain you experienced body aches, woke up with a sore neck, maybe suffered of tense shoulders for ages , or you simply had a long stressful day! We've all been there and wished there was a miracle to make it all go away.

Guess what? Wish no more, PAY US A VISIT NOW!
At Thai London Therapy massage Marrakech (https://thailondontherapymarrakesh.com/" style="color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline), same as our branches in the UK and in Switzerland, we've gathered extremely competent experts who have been trained and have mastered our philosophy and style. Our team makes sure it accompanies you throughout your entire experience and guarantees your satisfaction.
We put your wellbeing and your vitality into perspective, and we put our hearts into what we do.
Leave our spa marrakech much lighter and brand new: Release your stress, muscle tension, increase your relaxation and flexibility and boost  your energy.
The result? You're a healthier happier version of yourself! Who wouldn't want that?!

We've got the ideal combination of relaxing music, dim lights and scented oils that will transport you into the soothing atmosphere of Thailand in a heartbeat!
Thai London Therapy started in 2012 in a simple room above a gym in London and has now grown to be one of the very few independent massage and wellbeing
brands to have premises in 3 different countries in the world. This success is a fruit of our dedication to offering top class service that is supported by experts in their fields. Our massage staff are all qualified from the best massage schools in Thailand. Upon joining our team, they are trained in our unique style by the original founder of Thai London Therapy who honed her skills with the top massage establishments in the UK.
Our wellness services are overseen by our resident osteopath who holds a master’s degree in osteopathy and over 20 years of experience within the health and fitness industry in London.

Hammam Marrakech  :
Hammam Marrakech (https://thailondontherapymarrakesh.com/hammam-marrakech/" style="color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline) treatment has rituals linked to it going back hundreds of years. Our marble walled hammam produces steam at a comfortable temperature to open your pores and soften your skin. A purifying “black soap” made of olive oil and macerated olives is then applied all over the body and you are left to relax in the steam room while the soap soaks in and nourishes the skin. After 5 to 10 minutes the soap is washed off. Then, using an exfoliating mitt called a kessa glove (traditionally made our of goat hair but nowadays more likely to be made from other fibres) our therapists will gently scrub all over your body to smooth out any rough or dead skin and stimulate the circulation which brings blood flow and nourishment throughout the body and you skin looking and feeling amazing.