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Marc Bowen 4Marc Bowen 4 

i would like to auto populate a date when a option is selected from a drop down, depending on the selection of the dropdown the date will be X days in the future

Hi All,

I have a dropdown field (Delivery_Time__c), it has the below options:

Software Electronic License: 2 - 5 days
Dongle: 1 - 2 weeks
Hardware: 4- 8 weeks

I need a seperate field(field not created yet) that when one of the above is selected it will give me a date in the future from the date it was selected. For example:

If the first option is selected then it need to be Today()+5days 
If the second option is selected then it need to be Today()+14days 
If the third option is selected then it need to be Today()+56days 

if you need any additional info let me know and hope the above makes sense... 


Hi Marc,

I don't think your ask is possible with standard page layout. 
The Delivery time can be set using trigger/workflow but it won't reflect with the change of dropdown. It will be correctly saved.
Unless, you are putting a vf page with these two field and on change of picklist rendering the delivery date.

Hope this helps!
Malika Pathak 9Malika Pathak 9
Hi Marc,

If you just need a future date from the currently selected dropdown value,

You can achieve this by making a formula field of type date which will store the future date.

Here is the code/formula for the Formula field:-
CASE( Delivery_Time__c ,
"Software Electronic License: 2 - 5 days", TODAY()+5,
"Dongle: 1 - 2 weeks", TODAY()+14,
"Hardware: 4- 8 weeks", TODAY()+56,
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