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Worldpay payment integration in Lightning communities

Hey all,

is there anybody who could post a sample code for a lightning component and controller to integrate with WorldPay's 3ds secure payment gateway if that is possible at all.

I have read all about their API's but it is all based on standard web not Salesforce.

For Salesforce there is an appExchange pack but that requires the commerce cloud , so this is not applicable 

The Chargent package is also not applicable as it does not support Wordlpay UK only US

So I wonder , there must be someone out there who did this integration and might like to share some insight ( code sample) please

I have a payment form for the inputs, and works well with the standard https://api.worldpay.com/v1/tokens and orders but this is deemd not to be 3Ds

Any help wuld be appreciated

AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 
e have some app exchange products that you can use:


For Worldpay, you can either make any callouts via apex agains the Worldpay API or you can use an App from app exchange.


If it helps you and close your query by marking it as solved so that it can help others in the future.


Unfortunate this is not applicable

And as i stated we use the direct API but we need to get 3DS in place which requires the lightning page to navigate to a 3rd party for the risk challenge page ( like the VISA verification) and coming back to the payment page to get the reponse from the 3rd party to be send to Worldpay

It would just be nice if somebody could help as the navigational part   is the biggest concerns in regards to the locker system

We are using our own UI a lightning component

Hi Moggy,

Did you manage to do this? If yes, could you post the answer as we are in the same situation and it would help us.

Kind regards,

Unfortunately not yet.

Even Worldpay itself only answered with their standar API documentation


which does not solve the issue of beeing inside salesforce and get the navgation out and back into the same page

Same here! I have exactly the same requirement as you have but does not seems to be landing anywgere. Will update this thread if able to pull this off.