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Tracey MontoyaTracey Montoya 

Trying to Refresh DTC in the Trailhead manager in a Dev Org for a class and am getting error

How do I take care of this? 
Delete failed. First exception on row 0 with id 0015Y00002UX65uQAD; first error: DELETE_FAILED, Your attempt to delete Sample Account for Entitlements could not be completed because it is associated with the following entitlements.: Sample Entitlement ...
AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 

Are you facing the issue in trailhead?
Peter Watne 4Peter Watne 4
  I got the exact same message in my Trailhead DataManager.   It is when you click the "Refresh DTC Data"  when you first log in to the org.   I would be curious if this is a known issue to others as well?   thanks!
Chidu SubbiahChidu Subbiah
I am running into the same issue. Any thougts on how it can be resolved?
Tracey MontoyaTracey Montoya
I have not found a way to resolve this as of yet. Any help would be greatly apprecaited. I am thinking this may have to do with the latest update as I have had other problems as well. 
Renee JenkinsRenee Jenkins
A setting was discovered that caused the error associated with the entitlement. The setting has been disabled and you will be able to run the Trailhead Data Manager successfully. However, to get the fix you'll need to sign up for a new Analytics DE org, https://developer.salesforce.com/promotions/orgs/analytics-de.
Clare PilgrimClare Pilgrim
The URL returns 404 error.
I set up DE org on 4th March and still got the same error as user above - So the Fix clearly has not worked