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Georg WilleGeorg Wille 

How to Deploy an App Icon With a Package Created in VS Code

I am developing an Unlocked package that contains a simple application (a console application that contains two custom tables (Objects) used for configuring the core functionality of my package).
I was able to create a custom icon (Logo) for my app in my development org in the following way:
  1. create a public document fiolder
  2. upload, into that folder, my .png 'document'
  3. replace the default salesforce cloud with my custom icon in the Custom App Detail page. 
After which I used the Org Browser to retrieve the modified / added metadata items:

The XXXApp.app-meta.xml now has an entry
and I can retrieve the the Documents/XXX_App_Resource folder in the Org Browser, which gives me the following files:  
in my project structure; there is no DocumentFolder metadata for the document folder.
When trying to install the package the system complains:
ERROR running force:package:install:  Installation errors: 
1) (XXX_App_Resource/XXX_App_Icon.png) Cannot find folder:XXX_App_Resource, Details: XXX_App_Resource/XXX_App_Icon.png: Cannot find folder:XXX_App_Resource
Have I overlooked something, or Is there an other way of achieving what I intend to do? 
Thanks in advance for any helpful hints.

here is the SOQL query and result for the folder 
[SELECT DeveloperName, AccessType, IsReadonly FROM Folder WHERE DeveloperName = 'XXX_App_Resource']

────────────────  ──────────  ──────────
XXX_App_Resource  Public      true
and for the .png: 
[SELECT DeveloperName, BodyLength, ContentType, IsInternalUseOnly, IsPublic FROM Document WHERE Folder.DeveloperName = 'XXX_App_Resource']

─────────────  ──────────  ───────────  ─────────────────  ────────
XXX_App_Icon   2030        image/png                       true


From Org Browser download retrieve 'Content Assets' in your repository.
User-added image

User-added image
and add this to your package.xml
Georg WilleGeorg Wille
@Usman: I don't see anything under Content Assets in my Org Browser - is there maybe something I am missing?