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Yashita Goyal 17Yashita Goyal 17 

Get Exp-Id meta-tag value set on website before salesforce component page is loaded

We are implementing embedded login to host identity pages from SF(Community Aloha Template) to a website. For this use-case we are using embedding login flow with pop-up mode.

The website have different URL for every country and the requirement is to read the URL and set the load the SF community page in that particular language.

So, we tried doing it to have exp-id meta tag value set on website for every country as XXXfr or XXXXde. Now, we want to read this value in component before the page is loaded and translate it based on that respective country’s language. However, we tried different ways but component containing code for setting expId is also returning NULL.

Request you to guide us of how we can achieve it. The auto-generated LoginForm.cmp component also has code to setExpId but its returning null.