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SharathKumar ReddySharathKumar Reddy 

How to create account,multiple contacts and multiples opportunities in single visualforce page? Buy using UI's in one vf page

Create a vf page which will create an account form and have a button Next on click of which should go to the next page which will show a table which should have contact fields in different columns but the table row should have the option to add and remove rows.
From this page again on clicking next and should have opportunity creation with similar UI as it was in contact. Only at the end opportunity should have a Submit button which when clicked should create Account, related Contacts, related Opportunity all at same time.
AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 
Try the code snippet as mentioned in the below blog,


It might help you.
SharathKumar ReddySharathKumar Reddy
Hi Abhisek,

I have tried but it doesn't work for my criteria, If you know how to implement can you please post the code