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Alex Valavanis 10Alex Valavanis 10 

Flow error on approval process


I am receiving the below error and trying to figure out what's causing it. Could anyone assist?

Do i need to add the Approval Process Id as well in the "Action" element?

User-added image

How the Interview Started
Alex Valavanis (0051X000005w6AS) started the flow interview.
API Version for Running the Flow: 51
Some of this flow's variables were set when the interview started.
recordId = a2n0J000004KKNpQAO
GET RECORDS: Find_Distribution_Agreement_Info
Find all Distribution_Agreement__c records where:
Id Equals {!recordId} (a2n0J000004KKNpQAO)
Store the values of these fields in Find_Distribution_Agreement_Info: Agreement_Type__c, Regulatory_Status__c, LEI__c, Organisation__c, Name_of_Company_Register__c, Distributor_Contact_Title__c, Distributor_Contact_Phone__c, Distribution_Agreement_Business_Owner__c, Id, Status__c, Distributor_Contact_Email__c, Company_Number__c, Business_rationale__c
Successfully found records.
DECISION: Do_we_have_required_fields
Outcome executed: Yes_we_have_required_Information
Outcome conditions:
1. {!Find_Distribution_Agreement_Info.Company_Number__c} (null) Does not equal
2. {!Find_Distribution_Agreement_Info.Name_of_Company_Register__c} (null) Does not equal
3. {!Find_Distribution_Agreement_Info.LEI__c} (null) Does not equal
4. {!Find_Distribution_Agreement_Info.Status__c} (Proposed) Equals Proposed
5. {!Find_Distribution_Agreement_Info.Distribution_Agreement_Business_Owner__r.Full_Name__c} (Chris Jones) Does not equal
6. {!Find_Distribution_Agreement_Info.Business_rationale__c} (Existing relationship) Does not equal
7. {!Find_Distribution_Agreement_Info.Distributor_Contact_Title__c} (Legal Counsel) Does not equal
8. {!Find_Distribution_Agreement_Info.Regulatory_Status__c} (Regulated) Does not equal
9. {!Find_Distribution_Agreement_Info.Distributor_Contact_Phone__c} (+49 5678943) Does not equal
10. {!Find_Distribution_Agreement_Info.Distributor_Contact_Email__c} (abc@acolin.com) Does not equal
11. {!Find_Distribution_Agreement_Info.Agreement_Type__c} (Distribution) Does not equal
Logic: Advanced Logic (((1 OR 2) OR 3) AND 4 AND 5 AND 6 AND 6 AND 7 AND 8 AND 9 AND 10 AND 11)
SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL: Distribution_Agreement_Approval_Process
objectId = {!recordId} (a2n0J000004KKNpQAO)

Error Occurred: No applicable approval process was found.

Danish HodaDanish Hoda
Hi Alex,
Check below points : 
1. If the approval process name is correct
2. The recordId associated with the sObect is the same on which the Approval process been created