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Prakhar Saxena 19Prakhar Saxena 19 

How to get Custom Links present on Home Page Component in Salesforce Classic on a Visualforce Page?

I have few links in the Custom Links Standard Component present on the Home Page Component.

User-added image

I need to show these bookmarks and URLs on a Visualforce Page. Didn't find a way to query Custom Links Standard Component, so tried by creating new Custom Component and adding links like this:

User-added image

and then added these links on the newly created Custom Component named 'Hyperlinks'.

User-added image

Finally, added this Custom Component on the Home Page Layout.

I queried the WebLink object and got the Labels and URLs of the links. But I am not getting a way to query links present only on this 'Hyperlinks' Custom Component.

User-added image
Is this the correct way of just displaying the Custom Links Home Page Component on a Visualforce page or is there a way to directly query Custom Links Standard component under Home Page Components in Salesforce Classic?