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Charles Yoo 12Charles Yoo 12 


I'm currently trying to get my superbadge (Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist) everything was working fine until I I was checking my answers and I got this error message:

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
There was an unexpected error while verifying this challenge. Usually this is due to some pre-existing configuration or code in the challenge Org. We recommend using a new Developer Edition (DE) to check this challenge. If you're using a new DE and seeing this error, please post to the developer forums and reference error id: BAZAAIAG

There was someone else on the forum with a similar problem, I cleared all my cache and logged into my Developer Edition. Still nothing. Any ideas? God I am so close. I just need two more to get his badge. Much help is appreciated y'all!
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Charles,

Sorry for this issue you are facing.

May I request you please confirm if you are using a brand new developer org in order to validate this challenge, if not then I would suggest you create a brand new org and give a try which should probably do the trick.

If you are using a brand new developer org then please double check that your org doesn't have a namespace enabled. If that doesn't help please give a try by restarting the batch.

If the problem continues,  log out of all accounts and log in once again in a different browser by clearing the cache and cookies which should probably do the trick.

Hope this helps.

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Charles Yoo 19Charles Yoo 19
Hey Nagendra,

I was able to figure it out! I ended up making several developer accounts by accident, but it all works now. Thanks!