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vijay kumar kvijay kumar k 

Make sure you moved the correct fields from the Information section to the Candidate Rating section

In the trailhead  (Improve Data Quality for a Recruiting App -unit3)  i create all fields correctly and add in page layout correctly i do not know why showing error message while checking the challenge.
 can anyone tell me is this required any extra changes.

Thanks in advance  
Ruchika BishtRuchika Bisht
Hi Vijay 
I have completed this module and I didn't get any error . Could you please tell what error message are you getting ?
Also as mentioned in the module, hope you have completed previous two projects too.
Build a Data Model for a Recruiting App
Customize the User Interface for a Recruiting App
Eugene AlooeffEugene Alooeff
I have the same error (
Eugene AlooeffEugene Alooeff
One of the new fields created in this module had no FLS by default.
Vinay Nikam 10Vinay Nikam 10
@Eugene Alooeff is right, Go in job application and open any record. Four fields related to review should be visible in there. If not, find that field which is not present there in fields and relationship of job application object. Change field level security of that field to be visible for System Administrator. Verify the challenge, You will get badge you want !!   
Prasoon Singh 12Prasoon Singh 12
Even though I have set all the FLS visible to System Administrator, I still face the same issue! Kindly help me in this regard 
karunakararaja mkarunakararaja m
Please make sure your API names and Field Labels Matches with the Trialhead values for the four fields under this section., Even a pull stop matters and i had a same issue, after modifying the API and Labels as per Trialhead values, i was able to pass the challenge