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Robert WynterRobert Wynter 

need help please altering apex code to include two additional custom fields in the duplicate audit

We have an Installed unmanaged package and I need help reconfiguring the duplicate check of the apex code to include Recruitment_Interest__c and Term__c fields. But only when the Interaction_Source__c Equals "Student Information System" ELSE the existing Duplicate check of Last Name, First Name and Email can check.
     * @description Does basic pre-processing for duplicates of the Interactions in the import. If it finds a possible
     * duplicate, it removes it from the import and flags it for future processing.
     * @param interactions, the List of new Interaction__c records.
     * @return the List of filtered Interaction__c records for processing.
    private List<Interaction__c> duplicatePreProcessing(List<Interaction__c> interactions) {
        // If the custom setting is turned off, return the List and do not run any pre-processing for duplicates.
        if (Interactions_PreProcessing__c.getAll().values() != null) {
            for (Interactions_PreProcessing__c ipp : Interactions_PreProcessing__c.getAll().values()) {
                if (!ipp.Active__c) return interactions;

        Map<String, Interaction__c> filteredMap = new Map<String, Interaction__c>();

        for (Interaction__c interaction : interactions) {
            String filterKey = interaction.First_Name__c + interaction.Last_Name__c + interaction.Email__c;
           if (!filteredMap.containsKey(filterKey)) {
                filteredMap.put(filterKey, interaction);
            } else {
                interaction.Interaction_Status__c = 'Audit Required';
                String error = ' Reason: this Interaction was not processed because it is a possible ' +
                    'duplicate of - ' + filteredMap.get(filterKey).Id + ': ' + filteredMap.get(filterKey).First_Name__c +
                    ' ' + filteredMap.get(filterKey).Last_Name__c + ' ' + filteredMap.get(filterKey).Email__c;
                interaction.Audit_Reason__c = error;

        return filteredMap.values();