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Divya Teja 12Divya Teja 12 

Career guidance

Hi All,

My best wishes.

I have overall 6.8 years of experience into non technical roles, Hoevwever I have started to learn salesforce and just loved it. Can someone guide me here on how can I build my career in this field.

Thanks alot,
Matthew Ashford 5Matthew Ashford 5
Hello, Divya.  I have been exposed to Salesforce for only about 4 months, at work, and I decided this will be a large part of my future.  In my limited experience, I've found Trailhead to be my best place to start.  I have spent many hours studying on there.  It's like free education with hands-on experience.  If you're able to, you can pay for classes that could really speed up your learning process, too.  Salesforce offers 5-day courses for certification prep, and Simplilearn.com offers certification courses on the weekends, and theirs is about $1000 or so.  So far, I am just using Trailhead for learning concepts, terminology, etc.  I have already had one interview for Salesforce Developer (my fingers are crossed).  You can do it!  Hope this helps.  
Hi divay,

if you are really want learn salesfoce i can teach you online let me know where r u from please contact me on mahesh.source99@gmail.com or else call me on this number +91 9505367934
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