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Dr. Thomas MillerDr. Thomas Miller 

Replication API and formula fields

If a formula field value on a record changes without the record being modified itself (last modification date), will the getUpdated() call of the replication API include this record's ID?
Hi Dr.Thomas,

The fomula fields are read only fields which don't update the Salesforce's audit fields (Like CreatedDate, LastModifiedDate) and gets calculated realtime. Now, Replication APIs wouldn't find the record Id unless there is any change in any of the field which changes the formula field. 
For ex. If you have any field on Parent object which is referred in Child Object's formula field calculation then It won't update the audit fields on Child object. So, you wouldn't be able to obtain the updated record Ids for Child records.

In nutshell, Replication API won't work with formula fields.

Workarond : Don't use formula fields, use normal fields and workflows/process builder/apex triggers for formula calculations.

Do post here further if you have any questions.

Happy Coding!!
Dr. Thomas MillerDr. Thomas Miller
This is exactly what I would have expected. However, in the context of Marketing Cloud Connect (which uses Replication API) I got information from SFDC support which caused me to verify it here.
Dr. Thomas MillerDr. Thomas Miller
On top I tend to modify your summary: if you want to get records replicated touch them when an "influencing" record changes.
That's correct!