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Tobias Hornstein 7Tobias Hornstein 7 

Field Service Lightning Mobile App - Flow Screen Component Input Validation

Hi Everyone, 
does anyone know if input validation rules for Screen Components (DateTime Field) actually work in the Field Service Mobile App? I want to do a simple input validation on two Date/Time Fields to make sure that both DATEVALUES are the same. The validation works when I test it in the Flow Debugger, but the FSL ignores those validations without any notification on the screen. I could of course implement this validation directly on the object, but this would lead to an upload error in the mobile app and is not very user friendly.
Pawan Kumar 32Pawan Kumar 32
Did you resolve this issue? I am also facing the same issue. 
Peter Hein 1Peter Hein 1
I've validated the APKBuilds application flow screen but no problems were found. It would better to change the modules and check to try again. I tried installing it on Android mobiles phone using third-party sources (https://apkbuilds.com/) where you can all updates on the mobile app.