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Flow Error - maximum number of duplicate updates in one batch (12 allowed)

Hello, I have a flow that loops through assets on an account. When I try to do a mass update manually from an asset list view, I get the 'maximum number of duplicate updates in one batch (12 allowed)' when updating more than 12 assets on an account. 

In the flow I have a loop element, and any items that meet certain criteria are directed to the update element. The update elemnt is where I receive the error whenever I update more than 12 records on the same account. 

Is there a way to bulkify this? Would I need an apex trigger in addition to this flow? Thank you.  
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 

Sorry for this issue you are facing.

May I suggest you please check with below link from the stack exchange community with a similar discussion which might help you further. Please let us know if this helps.

Kindly mark this as solved if the reply was helpful.

Hi Nagendra, thank you for sending this link, I'm wondering do I need to replace the flow with an apex trigger and class, or can I bulkify the flow?

From some of the articles I've seen, I can have a loop element, then create an assignment element, and then the update element. This is what I'm currently trying to do, but I'm still hitting the maximum number of duplicate updates in one batch (12 allowed) limit. 
Cherisse Taylor 11Cherisse Taylor 11
I am running into the same issue.  Al, have you found a solution yet?
Hi Cherisse, 

I'm still working on a solution. I deactivated my flow and process builder action. From there, I'm trying to create an after update/after insert trigger to do the same function but with bulkification. 

In my case I'm looking to iterate through assets, and depending upon certain conditions, update that asset's account.