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Tobias Hornstein 7Tobias Hornstein 7 

Field Service Lighnting - Formulas in Flows

Hi there,
I am trying to implement a formula resource in a "field service mobile flow" to convert a datetime screen element field into a "HH:MM" format. According to the Spring '19 documentation, formulas are now supported in the FSL App. If I run the Flow in the debugger everything works as expected. However when I run the Flow in the FSL mobile App, it just stops right before the "Create Record" Element. I could work with a formula field on the time sheet entry, but this wouldn't work in an offline scenario, where a technician has no internet access during a job and has to create a service report (with the HH:MM fields displayed in the preview) while offline.
Has somenone already worked with formulas in a field service mobile flow and could give me some advise if I am doing anything wrong?
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Can you check in the document is this feature is supported in offline ?? i guess No
Tobias Hornstein 7Tobias Hornstein 7
The Winter 19 documentation explicitly said "Resources of the type Formula aren’t supported". This is not the case anymore, the Spring 19 documentation says "Select formula functions and operators are available offline".