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Mohana Priya SwamiappanMohana Priya Swamiappan 

Attributes <ins> tag in richText Area not retained while saving to Salesforce

I am using CKEditor in my Rich Text Area. As I am using track changes in the CKEditor, the values of the user name and user id to track the change is lost while saving it to salesforce. Looks like salesforce is stripping off those attributes. Is there a workaround ?

My Source for content in the rich tex area before saving:
<p><ins class="ice-cts-5 ice-ins" data-changedata="" data-cid="7" data-last-change-time="1552493849779" data-time="1552493847382" data-userid="0051U000003YrbCQAS" data-username="Swamiappan">nb b . 8toh t79y 8bnt </ins></p>

After Saving in Salesforce:
<p><ins class="ice-cts-5 ice-ins">nb b . 8toh t79y 8bnt </ins></p>