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Eduardo DeslandesEduardo Deslandes 

Action not showing in list view layout

Hi, I trying to put an action on my custom object list view layout, but the action not appearing as an option, and when I created one from the layout edit page not worked too. I'm using lightning, some one please help me?
Naveen KNNaveen KN
Hi Eduardo, 

are you trying to add the action or button in the highlighted place below?


Eduardo DeslandesEduardo Deslandes
Naveen KNNaveen KN
Hi Eduardo, 

Refer my blog post and see if it can help to your requirement https://www.codengine.in/2019/03/list-view-actions-in-lightning-experience.html (https://www.codengine.in/2019/03/list-view-actions-in-lightning-experience.html" target="_blank)

Team codengine.in
Eduardo DeslandesEduardo Deslandes
Nice work CodEngine.in, but my action (an action of Action Type: Flow, a screen to create a new record) is not showing on the "Avaiable Quick Actions". Must be this type of action unsupported?
Naveen KNNaveen KN
Yes, I think it has limitations for certain type of actions for the list views. 

Mohd NabeelMohd Nabeel
Can someone please tell me why these 5 buttons are not showing in my salesforce mobile app? I have done everything which i knew and still not able to get it why it is not showing, the buttons which are on the upper right hand corner.
User-added image
and this is the mobile app screenshot
User-added image
why only three buttons are showing "New" "Sort" and "Filter", why those buttons are not showing, i have searched everything but no solution.
Vamsi Alla 1Vamsi Alla 1
Hi, the codeengine link is not accessible. Can someone help me for that.
Naveen KNNaveen KN

Naveen K N
Charles ThompsonCharles Thompson
Here's a way to put a Flow button on your list views:
  1. Create your flow (Screen flow recommended so your user can control how it behaves, but it could be an autolaunched flow also)
  2. Get the URL for your flow:
    • Setup Home > Flows > (dropdown menu at the end of your flow entry)> View Details and Versions > (copy URL value)
  3. On the object (where you want it to appear on list views of that object), create a button:
    • Buttons, Links & Actions > New Button or Link > 
    • Enter a label (should be similar to the flow name for consistency)
    • Don't forget to put a description so someone in the future can understand what's going on!
    • List Button
    • Content Source = URL
    • Paste URL from step 2 above into the big white box
    • Save
  4. Object menu > Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic
  5. List View > (dropdown menu at end) > Edit
  6. In Custom Buttons area, select your new button from the Available Buttons area > Add > Save
  7. App Launcher (nine dots) > select your favourite app > (your object) > check the list views for your new button (you may need to refresh the whole browser page)
Nick Korolkov 6Nick Korolkov 6
@Charles, thanks for your suggestion, but from what I experience: when you launch a screen flow from a custom button via URL - the flow opens up in 'full screen' (rather than 'in a window' the way it does when called from a quick action). And it also loops infinitely - it won't exit the flow when done, but instead start over. 
Justin Clark 22Justin Clark 22
@nick were you ever able to solve this? I have the same issue where I would prefer a flow opens in a window via the action method from list view, however my action is not available to be selected in the List view button layout section.
User-added image