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Before trigger doesn't update field on new records

Hi, I'm new to apex and trigger and have an issue. I need to update a field on a record when 2 other fields are updated. This field is supposed to calculate the time between 2 dates based on the business hours. My trigger work with old records but not with record that are newly updated.
Here is my trigger:
trigger RequirementTrigger on Requirement__c (before insert, before update) {
Here is my handler:
public with sharing class RequirementTriggerHandler {

private static String businessHoursTMA;

//Récupère BusinessHours TMA
    BusinessHours businessHours = [SELECT Id FROM BusinessHours WHERE isDefault = true];
    businessHoursTMA = businessHours.Id;


//Calcul délais entre changement de statuts en heure
public static void calculerDelai(List<Requirement__c> newRequirement){
    for(Requirement__c rq : newRequirement){
        if(rq.Date_d_but_statut_DMR__c  != NULL){
            // Délai moyen de prise en charge DMC (Date début "statut DMR"– Date début prise en charge) en heures  
            if(rq.Date_debut_prise_en_charge__c != NULL){
                rq.Delai_DMC__c = BusinessHours.diff(businessHoursTMA,
                                                 rq.Date_d_but_statut_DMR__c)/ 3600000;
            // Délai moyen de qualification/assignation DMA (Date début "statut DMR"– Date début "statut DMA") en heures
            if(rq.Date_d_but_statut_DMA__c != NULL){
                rq.Delai_DMA__c = BusinessHours.diff(businessHoursTMA, 
                                                 rq.Date_d_but_statut_DMR__c)/ 3600000;
            // Délai moyen de réalisation DMR (Date de résolution du ticket – Date début "statut DMR") en heures
            if(rq.Date_de_resolution_ticket__c != NULL){
                 rq.Delai_de_realisation__c = BusinessHours.diff(businessHoursTMA, 
                                                            rq.Date_de_resolution_ticket__c)/ 3600000;


Hope you can help me, thank you ! 
Ankit Gupta@ DeveloperAnkit Gupta@ Developer
Hi Tiph,

You code is looks good to me. Trigger is executing on before insert and before update event. Can you create new record with all the condition required.

It will work.

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Is those are the formual fields ???
Hi Ankit Gupta@ Developer,

Thanks for your reply. I'll try to do that then. But is it normal that the records that have been updated since I made the trigger are not impacted by my trigger ? How can my trigger also update them ?
Hi Raj Vakati,
No those are not formula fields. There are date fields and my trigger need to update a number field.