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Andrew SturtAndrew Sturt 

Why is the FIELD value null on some rows of my replicated field history tables?

We're using Sesame RelationalJunction to replicated our Salesforce data into our warehouse. Unfortunately, we're seeing some rows from History tables (field history tracking tables that have the suffix "History" in their name) that have nulls in FIELD, OLDVALUE, and NEWVALUE. This only happens occasionally, and doesn't happen (as far as we can tell) with any other fields in these or any other tables. 

It seems like we're getting rows that have been created but are waiting to have the field name and old and new values entered. Is the populating of those fields a second action under the hood in Salesforce? With no LastModifiedDate field on the History, our replication tool is not going to repull the record unless we manually tell it to do so, which is our current (and unsatisfactory) fix. We're working on automating that process, but if we understood why this was happening, we might be able to avoid it in the first place.
Alain CabonAlain Cabon

If you open the panel of <your object> Field History, what did you select and what are the types of your selected fields?

1) Field History: This page allows you to select the fields you want to track on the <object> History related list. Whenever a user modifies any of the fields selected below, the old and new field values are added to the History related list as well as the date, time, nature of the change, and user making the change. Note that multi-select picklist and large text field values are tracked as edited; their old and new field values are not recorded.

2)  Track old and new values / Track changes only (Description, Language Preference) at the botton of the page.

It is not the explanation but some interesting details to understand your context.
Andrew SturtAndrew Sturt
That's not the problem.

This is just a picklist, and the values are not there in my replicated data:
User-added image
They ARE there however in Salesforce itself (if I view it in Developer Console):
User-added image

As you can see, this is an inconsistent problem, but we ONLY have it on the field, oldvalue, and newvalue attributes of the history objects, and only intermittently.