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Yao LinYao Lin 

How to unlock a record right after submitted in an Approval Process?


I need to unlock a record after it is submitted in an Approval Process for a custom object Sales Order. I tried Apex trigger, but it seems not working. Will I need an Apex Test for the trigger? If so, how can I write it? Please help!

Trigger SOLockRecord on PBSI__PBSI_Sales_Order__c (after update) {

For (PBSI__PBSI_Sales_Order__c so: Trigger.New){

VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 

Did you try in Final approval action, make this record as unlock for editing?

Below link has working example to Lock/Unlock record thorough Apex code 


Hope above information was helpful.

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Vinay Kumar
Yao LinYao Lin
Hi Vinay, 

I need to unlock the record immediatly after users submit it for approval. 
Yes, I tried the Apex Code too. It didn't work either. I don't know how to write the Apex Test code. 
public class UnlockSOApprovalProcess{
   public static void ListSO(){
//Get records to unlock
List<PBSI__PBSI_Sales_Order__c> soList = new List<PBSI__PBSI_Sales_Order__c>();
//Check locked records
List<PBSI__PBSI_Sales_Order__c> soLockList = new List<PBSI__PBSI_Sales_Order__c>();
for(PBSI__PBSI_Sales_Order__c so :soList){
//Unlock record
    //Unlock records
    List<Approval.UnlockResult> ulrList = Approval.unlock(soLockList, false);
    // Iterate through each returned result
    for(Approval.UnlockResult  ulr : ulrList) {
        if (ulr.isSuccess()) {
            //Operation was successful, so get the ID of the record that was processed
            System.debug('Successfully locked Sales Order with ID: ' + ulr.getId());
        else {
            //Operation failed, so get all errors                
            for(Database.Error err : ulr.getErrors()) {
                System.debug('The following error has occurred.');                    
                System.debug(err.getStatusCode() + ': ' + err.getMessage());
                System.debug('Sales Order fields that affected this error: ' + err.getFields());