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Yao LinYao Lin 

Unlock record Submit for Approval


When a record is submitted for approval, it is locked by default. I created Apex class which unlocks the record submitted for approval on the custom object Sales Order. I already checked Enable record locking and unlocking in Apex in Process Automation setting. However, record is still locked after I submitted it. Can anyone please help?
public class UnlockSOApprovalProcess{

    public static void unlockSORecord(PBSI__PBSI_Sales_Order__c soRecord) {
        Approval.UnlockResult unlockedRersult = Approval.unlock(soRecord);
        // Iterate through each returned result
        if (unlockedRersult.isSuccess()) {
            // Operation was successful, so get the ID of the record that was processed
            System.debug('Successfully unlocked Sales Order with ID: ' + unlockedRersult.getId());
        else {
            // Operation failed, so get all errors                
            for(Database.Error err : unlockedRersult.getErrors()) {
                System.debug('The following error has occurred.');                    
                System.debug(err.getStatusCode() + ': ' + err.getMessage());
                System.debug('opportunity fields that affected this error: ' + err.getFields());

Agustin BAgustin B

Hi Yao Lin, can you try adding the without sharing?
public without sharing class UnlockSOApprovalProcess{

Also please verify that the soRecord is the right one.

if it helps please like and mark as correct as it may help others.

Yao LinYao Lin
Hi Agustin, 

I tried public without sharing class. The Sales Order record is still locked. 
soRecord is the name I gave to call the object.