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Lalitha Pavani Rallabandi 13Lalitha Pavani Rallabandi 13 

Selected Radio Button is not aligned properly

I am trying to display the records in coloumns using <apex:selectRadio> in <apex:repeat>, but the alignment is differing based on the number of characters field having. Here is the output User-added image
Please help me on this
ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Lalitha,

As per my understnding I see that you are seeing that if the text is more it is spanning more and if the label length is small it is taking less space, generally this is how it would be working, one way I could think of doing is you can show the options in a line by line manner.

I hope this helps.

Dushyant SonwarDushyant Sonwar
Hi Lalitha,

Add a class on the apex:radio styleclass attributes.
<apex:selectRadio styleClass="demoClass">

Adjust the width according to your need for example 50px , 100px, 200 px etc

Add style tag in your vf page.
        .demoClass td{

Dushyant SonwarDushyant Sonwar

Did you try with above code, Does it solve your purpose?