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Sarat Chandra PanamgipalliSarat Chandra Panamgipalli 

How to access an attachment from an object realted list(Notes & Attachments or Files) to Public page? I have tried to get using the ContentDocumentId by using the below query? Please suggest

SELECT ContentDocumentId, LinkedEntityId FROM ContentDocumentLink where LinkedEntityId ='Related Object ID'

What type of attahment it is..? Is it an image..or doc file..?

and If the public page is VF page hosted on the community or site..?

Thank You,
Rajesh Adiga P.
Sarat Chandra PanamgipalliSarat Chandra Panamgipalli

Hi Rajesh,
Thanks for the response.

It is a PDF and the public page is a VF page hosted on the community.
Thank you
Sarat Chandra