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Ertyq MrskErtyq Mrsk 

How to remove Assign to Volunteer Project button in Standard Contact List View Page

I logged in to my developer org and upon checking the standard contact list view page, I noticed a button named Assign to Volunteer Project. It suddenly appeared among the list of buttons when it is not there before. Also, this is my first time seeing this button. How can I remove this?

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SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Ertyq,
The issue you are facing is related to the known issue - 

According to this, A new button named as "Assign to Volunteer Project" is showing up on the Contacts page after Summer 20 Release.Expectation is this button should show up only for Production Orgs having ERM (Emergency Response Management).

Please click the "this issue affects me" button of known issue to get notifications on the progress/updates from the Salesforce team directly.

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