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chandra prakash 58chandra prakash 58 

Create a record when click on a custom button

I have two custom object with same and equal fields,
1. sales quote
2. order header
I want a custom button "create order" in sales quote object.
and on sales quote object have a picklist field name quote status.
My requirement is,
when quote status =approved
then when clicking on "Create order" button, then create a record in order header object with same as sales quote field value.
Most welcome for suggestion and solution
please help...ASAP
Thaanks in Adv.
ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Chandra Prakash,

You could do something like this present in the below link that I found on searching for implementation.


This seems to be of a similar use case I hope this helps.

chandra prakash 58chandra prakash 58
  thank you for your response, i am new in salesforce so i am not good in apex coding and vf coding. please help. thanks