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Dileep KatariDileep Katari 

How to prevent a set of users from merging accounts using trigger? Please help fix this code

We are going to have a new permission set called "Supplier Merge Tool Access". Users who are assigned with this permission set should only be able to merge account records of record type "Supplier" and be blocked from merging any other records of other record types 

Blocked scenarios
Supplier with record type A
Record Type A with Supplier 

Not to be blocked 
Supplier with Supplier 

The below logic is working when Supplier record is the main account but when Supplier record is the dupe record, merge is happening. Ideally it should not 

List<User> UserList = new List<User>();     
       UserList = [Select Id from User where Id IN(SELECT AssigneeId FROM PermissionSetAssignment WHERE PermissionSet.Name = 'Supplier_Merge_Tool_access')];
        for(User u : UserList){
           if (UserInfo.getUserId() == u.id) {
                for(Account a : (List<Account>)olditems.values()) {
                             if( a.RecordType.Name != 'Supplier' ) {
                                a.addError('You are only authorized to merge a Supplier account with another Supplier account');